Sunday, June 17, 2007

Week Thirtysix - Prepare for takeoff

This week started with press conference v2, another round of facing and fending off a hostile press when you are on shaky grounds... This time around was a bit more strenuous, but the learning was even greater.
Another important event of this week was a meeting with ECB officials. They want to set up a development centre for Bedfordshire in Cranfield, in order to benefit from the excellent facilities at Cranfield University. Cranfield University ofcourse wants to reach out and benefit the community of which it is a part. The Cranfield University Cricket Club wants local involvement and could do with some coaching. So all of us stakeholders met for discussing how best to accommodate each other's concerns. It was a good meeting, and I hope the outcome will be of benefit to all.
Lastly, and perhaps the dominating feature of this week, was preparing for our IBEs. As I have told you before, Cranfield takes its students on a business experience tour to various countries. I am going to the USA, where apart from the scheduled interactions, I will be meeting family, my nephew, and friends who go back a long way. We have researched the topics and companies, prepared our responses to anticipated questions, and are all set to go to the USA. I will miss the cricket this and the next week, but I am sure USA will be a very interesting experience.

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