Sunday, April 29, 2007

Week Thirty - Cricket

Today was the first cricket match of the season, a BUSA game, played against Derby. The highlight of the match for me - my 3 wickets bowling right arm spin. One caught at short mid-wicket by Amit Mulay, one stumping by Vijay Shetty, and, on the last ball of the innings, one LBW. The result of the match - well, we enjoyed the game and had a good time. :)
Apart from cricket, this week we had the OBPPD Studio, the ENT test, and one lecture of AMS. Nothing too hectic.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Week Twentynine - Leisure

A leisurely (comparitively) week, where another of my electives, Leading and Implementing Change was introduced. We had MSI, LIC and AMS, plus OBPPD. This was in the first half of the week, then nothing in the second half. So as you can well imagine, some light reading, some preparation for next week's ENT exam, and some cricket. The season starts next week, so I am getting ready.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Week Twentyeight - Bootcamp

Monday was a bank holiday, so was Friday last week, so this was a looooong weekend. Rested and recuperated, the second week brought us one report submission and the full tediousness of the boot camp - three days of day long lectures. We submitted the SOAR 1 report this week. Also, this week covered AMS, ENT, and introduced Managing Strategic Innovation. ENT is done now, we have a test the week after next, and then a business plan to submit.
In addition, we ofcourse had the OBPPD studio, where we talk in teams of what we want to develop in ourselves, how we do it and track progress. The SOAR 1 comes in here, it establishes what can loosely be called aspirations and goals, then you work towards them. Don't be dismissive, it is a very useful process.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Week Twentyseven - Part 2 begins

It still doesnt feel like I am already half way through the course. My electives in part 2 are Aligning Marketing and Supply Chain Strategy (AMS), Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation (ENT), Leadership and Top Team Management Skills (LS), Leading and Implementing Change (LIC), Managing Strategic Innovation (MSI) and the ever present Organisational Behaviour and Personal and Professional Development (OBPPD).
Part 2 of the MBA started off with an OBPPD exercise - we played spy games. The planning and managing of a human communication chain covering the campus was the challenge, and as is usual, my team (Pallavi Chandra, Amit Kapoor, Anoop Nair, James Bolle, Parin Makadia and yours truly) rose to the challenge, devised a plan which was accepted by the rest of the group (half the MBA batch) and implemented it successfully. That our plan was more effective than the other group's plan is a sideline (yeah right!).
After this day long exercise on Monday 02 April, I had two electives - Aligning Marketing and Supply Chain Strategy, and Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation. The Entrepreneurship elective is running the first two weeks in Boot Camp fashion, I am not sure this is the way it should go, but they are doing a good job of this, so probably it is the right way.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Week Twentysix - Lazy part II

More on the same lines as last week... and no watching cricket either... just playing some...

The Morrants Four Counties Cricket League has published their Season 2007 book, with a list of fixtures... it starts for Cranfield on 5th May with an away match, we will be playing Stoke Hammond CC. I thought I will start a separate blog for the cricket season, but then decided not to... the lazy-ness is really getting to me :) Will keep up with cricket in this same blog.