Saturday, December 9, 2006

Week Ten - Brake run

The compulsory core module of Operations Management ended this week with our presentation on our group report... remember I told you in Week Seven about us going to an Italian restaurant in Chelsea? We completed our report on that restaurant's operations this week, as well as present our report to our fellow MBA students on Wednesday 6th December - just the Green stream and three teams from the Red stream... As usual, Green Team 1 (aka my team) did a cracking presentation, so did Green Team 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6... and the Reds... we all are getting adept at presentations... very interactive, very smooth... sometimes humorous, but delivering the message. We also had to submit our individual reports on Operations management - what we learnt during the course - along with the group reports...

Term 1 teaching sessions - except for Project Management - ended this week too. We now have our term end examinations first thing next week (11th and 12th December), followed by two days of Personal Planning and Development, and five days of Project Management...

On examinations - Cranfield assessments take the form of examinations and assignments, with the proportion of marks divided differently for every subject. Some assignments are individual, some are to be completed by the team. They can be reports, presentations, WACs etc. This tests theory, application and presentation (stand up, or even writing presentable business reports), which in my opinion is far more effective than just testing for theory... which is really a test of your memory.

And finally, we got the SMS presentation grades... again, great work by Green Team 1... we never fail to perform...

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