Saturday, January 13, 2007

Week Fifteen – Bring it on

This week started with us going back to school after the break. We will be studying Strategic Management (the good stuff – best use of brains I say), Macro Economic Analysis & Business Environment (why governments do what they do when they play around with interest rates), Managing Information Technologies (choosing which IT resource to deploy where), Financial Management (cash flow is the reality, profit only a notion), People Management (hiring and motivating those who work for you, depend on you, look up to you), Supply Chain Management (taking costs out of the supply chain – but I am not sure why not vertically integrate), and Business Law (the limits you can push ‘laissez faire, laissez aller, laissez passer’). The Spanish lectures continue, we have the Project Management class test this month – actually, on the sixteenth.

New subjects, new teachers, new learning teams – they merit new strategies. Each team is trying out variations to the three day cycle to better suit their situations. So are we. We are looking to incorporate some flexibility and the abilities of our team members to cover topics. It is a challenge – but we all love challenges, and we all believe in each other.

Some results for the first term are out, the rest will be out soon. I managed to astound myself in a few, disappoint myself in one, so overall, I will say I am satisfied. The team effort – Green 1 from last term – has also paid off, we turned out some brilliant group performances. In this context, I should thank my friends, the Green Stream Learning Team 1 for all their support.

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