Sunday, January 28, 2007

Week Seventeen – Very Special

This week was special. Like other weeks, it too started with lectures and studies, but this week was different. The Friday in this week was 26th January. Before India gained independence in 1947, India’s freedom movement declared in 1930 that 26 January was the day for Poorna Swaraj (Complete Independence). Twenty years after that, on 26 January 1950, India ceased to be a British dominion, George VI King of the United Kingdom and Emperor of India was replaced by Dr Rajendra Prasad as Head of State, and the Constitution of India came into force. Also, in 1965, Hindi was adopted as the National Language of India.

Another special day was Tuesday 23rd January, when I was elected the president of the Cranfield University Cricket Club. Cricket is almost religion in the Indian subcontinent, to lead my university’s cricket committee is an honour for me. The club puts up teams for the Morrants Four Counties Cricket League and the students-only BUSA competition. I want a full and enjoyable season of Cricket this year, and I am working towards that.

Contributing to the “special”-ness of this week, it was also the International Week in Cranfield School of Management. A celebration of the 25 nationalities on campus and the beauty of all those countries. I prepared Aaloo-Chaat, it certainly was good. Actually, I asked many people and no one said it was not good. But seriously, it is hard to get aaloo-chaat wrong.

This week was also special for another reason – it snowed. The first snow is always a special moment, but here in England it seems it only snows for a day or two. Most of my local friends say this is all the snow we will get in this year.

One more first term result is out, I take pleasure in reporting that I have been adjudged good enough to meet and exceed Cranfield’s norms for Accounting. Not that I doubted, it is just good to know.

Coming to the end of the week, Saturday was Burns Night, the day London Business School comes to Cranfield for some muddying of clothes. Rugby and Football, I should have said. We did well in rugby (kicked their a&%!s really), but had the favour returned to us in football.

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