Saturday, November 4, 2006

Week Five - Sure feels good

Guess what? More of Spanish, Marketing, Accounting, Economics, OBPPD, Statistics, Ops Mgmt... plus sessions on Self Presentation, plus submission of an assessed report - 1500 words please - on how you see yourself and others, plus an Ops Mgmt simulation, and - best for last - more competition.

The two sessions on Self Presentation by Stephen Carver were the best I have attended till now. Believe me you, that fellow is fantastic.

The assessment was due on Thursday 2 Nov, having learnt about Ops strategies and having independently researched ages ago and consequently misunderstood Just In Time systems, I left it to the last possible moment - with the result that I had to RUSH. Well, the job had to be done and was done.

The Ops Mgmt simulation - we were simulating a factory, we had to design our own process, manufacture the product and deliver to order schedule. I am proud to say that my learning team - Green Stream Learning Team 1 - Green 1 for short, consisting of Emma Marlow, Sachin Shetty, Seni Saliu, Pietro Ponte, Philip Woodland and yours truly, led by Pietro for this show, set the pace. The simulation was in two phases, on the result of phase 1, Green 1 were adjudged the best team. The results of phase 2 and overall results will come out soon...

More competition, or should I say, more opportunities to pit yourself against some of the smartest individuals on the planet currently studying in a b-school. It sure does make for a great adrenalin high, doesnt it? NUS b-school Singapore hosts a business competition, open to MBA students, in which I plan to take part. The focus of this competition is international expansion - or so it seems.

That is the bit of competition to come, here is a bit about a competition that is on - A T Kearney. Of the teams that registered for the competition form Cranfield, three are chosen for presenting their strategy reviews and recommendations. My team, The Cinnamon Club - is one of the three! We are feeling good about this, after all, every team participating wants to win the honour of representing Cranfield at the later stages of the competition. The local final is next week - Friday 10 Nov, will keep you posted.

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