Saturday, November 18, 2006

Week Seven - In the comfort zone

I just spent the last week feeling good - in the groove of things... With morning team meetings, afternoon classes, evenings with friends and house mates. No time when you feel out of time, rushed. I like this, it feels as if I have been doing this all the time - not really, but close.

We ofcourse had our classes, plus there was a session on managing stress on 15th November. But the one feeling I carry out of this week is that of comfort. Being at ease with the lectures, the lecturers, your fellow students and everyone in general. Not that I wasn't comfortable earlier. It is just that this week seemed so - for lack of a better word - comfortable.

Enough on the comfort theme. Cerebration - the NUS Global Business Challenge is on and I have registered with Pietro Ponte and Philip Woodland. We are the Consilium. We expect to get the case studies next week and submit the Executive Summary of our brilliant business plan by 8th December. Not a problem - just that our term end exams start on 11 December. So we effectively have to submit it much before.

This ofcourse clashes with the L'Oreal e-strat challenge. Emma Marlow, Sachin Shetty and yours truly make up the Tres team. Round 1 of this challenge ends on 5th December. Again - the decisions will have to be taken effectively much before the deadline.

Welcome to the real world! And, to relate with the comfort theme above - I like this :)


  1. Hello Guruji!!

    After readin a coupla ur doesn't feel like m sittin here in Pune, trying to fill in ur rather large shoes at Kirloskar...hee hee.. ;-)

    Take care and keep rocking!

  2. American journospeak/grammar has corrupted my reading so much that I had to read your post twice to make sense out of it.