Saturday, November 4, 2006

Week Two - Hit the ground running

What a start to the first week of learning! With three lectures a day and the rest of the day devoted to self study and learning team, the schedule was already tight. What hit us the first day (Monday 09 Oct 2006) was a tripple whammy... Strategic Decision Science aka Statistics (huh?) Accounting (profits should be written as a liability?? wtf???) Economics of Organisations and Strategy (do I know what he is talking about?). The other subjects being taught to us this term are Marketing, Operations Management, and Organisational Behaviour and Personal and Professional Development and Project Management - the examination for which will be next term.

The saving grace - the people who teach us know and expect these reactions, they know what they are talking about and know how to make it interesting. So despite the reactions above, I understand most of it, the part I don't is for understanding during tutorials on fridays.

Cranfield is known and respected as one of the best European and Global schools of management - check out Financial Times or Economist Intelligence Unit or any other for the rankings - and this is partly due to the excellent people they have for imparting knowledge and their superb support systems. The knowledge imparted is also carefully suited to actual business needs. The biggest part is ofcourse due to the talented, determined and capable people they select as students :-) Any recruiter reading this? I am talking about me!!! :-)

The first week also had a study tour briefing - Cranfield takes its MBA students to one of more than half a dozen countries for a week long International Business Experience. We have to give our choices by November, we will know which group we are in and where our group is going by the end of November.

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