Saturday, November 4, 2006

Week Three - You get to compete as well

Monday 16 Oct was the day A T Kearney came to Cranfield for introducing us to the A T Kearney 2006 Global Prize - a simulated consulting competition in which only selected European [Cranfield, Judge, LBS, RSM and Manchester] and North American [Chicago, Columbia, Kellogg, Michigan, Sloan, Wharton and Carnegie Mellon] b-schools participate.

Then on Tuesday L'Oreal came to Cranfield for introducing us to the L'Oreal e-strat challenge - they bill it the ultimate business game.

On Thursday, we had presentations on Report writing and Plagiarism. Cranfield takes any copying and misrepresentation seriously, and this was to reinforce the message. Not that they suspect us, they were just telling us about the systems they have in place.

All this in addition to the regular classes, learning team meetings, and 3 day cycles. Plus, I have started Spanish classes - one every week. Wow, it feels good to be back in the rush of things.

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