Friday, November 10, 2006

Week Six - What happened to the 7 days?

Whoosh! Did you see that go past? The days, I mean... What a week it has been...

This was supposed to be a week for catching up... but in this place, catching up time means a fraction less of teaching and a mountain of other stuff... Monday, we had our very first WAC (What A Chick! - no, Written Assessment of Case report!!) where you get just over 24 hours to understand a case, prepare a report and submit it. By the way, 1500 words only, and it is assessed... so you better do it well. So, when we did get the case study on Monday morning, we got into a learning team meeting, then a stream meeting (aka stream dump), then went our individual ways to come up with a structure of determining compensation to a decent sized company's CEO - and we did come up with some formulae... lets see what the professor thinks, I am sure the CEO would hate us :) On second thoughts, after reading all those reports, I am sure the professor will start hating us too...

Then, after submitting the WAC on tuesday afternoon, all we could really do was try to play - cricket and football... no more comments.

Wednesday was when Careers decided to take us through the *********** ... dont count the asterixes, just substitute what you want. Howmuchever I crib about getting up and making the treck to the School of Management at 8.00 a.m. when there is a thick layer of frozen dew on cars along the way and the ground is literally white - no, not snow, not yet, just frozen dew - the treck is always worth it. Our careers people are - from the bottom of my heart - very good. This is not to butter them, I am sure they don't know this page even exists... They really are. The tips we get are very relevant to me, and I thought I had it all covered :)

After Wednesday, well, Thursday, isnt it? Thursday morning was also more sessions, the afternoon and evening was a networking session at L'Oreal London. Great company, great attendees - Cranfield alumni and students. A good evening spent well. On the way back, in the coach, a few of us got together for some antakshari... if you know what that means, you will know how much we enjoy it, if you dont, well, forget it.

And thus we come to Friday, 10 November, the day we had the local finals of A T Kearney Global prize... remember I told you my team was one of the finalists? We did well, but failed to win - we were the runner ups. I will quote John Glen (the last 5 words to avoid any charges of Kaavya Viswanathan-ising) "Everyone’s efforts reflected great credit on the school and certainly impressed our alums within ATK (the judges)." The winning team, Arturo, Babi, Johnny and Ricardo have all my wishes, they are now the Cranfield team for the European finals, I hope they go all the way and win the global prize. I am sure they will, too.

The first scrum - a rugby term for my desi yaar dosts- and my team got past the first hurdle but stopped at the second. There I go, mixing up sports... what to do? Control nahi hota... Whats up next? L'Oreal and NUS... watch this space for more... Oh, by the way, after the ATK local finals, we plan to spend the prize money well - in The Cinnamon Club...

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